The BFSB v1.1 by Odis Design Squonker

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The BFSB v1.1 by Odis Design Squonker

The BFSB by Odis Collection & Design

The BFSB is a fully Mechanical Squonker by Odis. Featuring a super soft Squonk bottle and custom BF 510 connector, the new BFSD is made by the SLS laser sintering 3D printing. This process leaves the unit with a very smooth surface finish. The simple and ergonomic squonker is finished with a black & frosted fire button.

The BFSB also has the option of having a high efficiency LED diode fitted underneath the sqounk bottle. This will illuminate the sqounk bottle when the fire button is pressed and uses very little power.

  • SLS laser sintering 3D printed body for a smooth finish
  • Custom made adjustable BF 510 connector
  • Sliding door with magnets and a divider to keep internals from moving and to provide a surface for the squonk bottle to be pressed against
  • Custom made food grade super soft silicone squonk bottles and caps
  • Full mechanical
  • Extremely small and compact design with ergonomic features
  • Fits beauty rings up to 24mm in outer diameter
  • Comes in a black coloured body with a black AND frosted clear button
  • Operates on a single 18650 battery
  • Optional: An LED underneath the Squonk bottle which will illuminate when the fire button is engaged
  • Genuine Odis Product

*Please note that the RDA pictured is for illustrative purposes only and is not included with product.

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