Mini Emili Kit

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Smiss EMILI Kit

Klein und genial Sie verträgt auch sehr Dicklüssiges Liquid getestet mit 95VG/5PG

A creative idea in a compact size that ignites a new era of vaping, EMILI IS a new e-cigarette that uses the latest atomization technology. EMILI features an invisible mouthpiece, e-liquid injection and heating at the bottom, a separate kit, a coil-replaceable clearomizer, an embedded power case, innovative design, and a sliding top cover.  EMILI guarantees a healthy, comfortable, fashionable, and outstanding atomization experience anytime anywhere.

What?s Included

1 Charge Case

2 200mAh batteries

2 Refillable Clearmizers

1 USB Charging Cable

1 User Manual

Safety Continued

Do not drop, deform, bend, crush, puncture, incinerate, microwave, shred, paint or insert foreign objects into the EMILI.

Do not clean the device other than instructed by Smiss Technology Co., Ltd.

Do not attempt to repair or modify the EMILI yourself.

Do not use a damaged EMILI charger or non Smiss Technology charger. Incompatible chargers may carry di?erent voltage, which may be a ?re hazard. Use only the charger provided. Failure to do so will void the limited warranty o?ered on Smiss Technology products. 

Use caution when handling EMILI, the heating chamber area is hot when the device is powered on. Refrain from direct contact with the main heating chamber when hot. Do not leave the device unattended when it is powered on or while the device is still hot.

Disclaimer: This product has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Keep out of reach of Children. Refrain from using this product if you are under the legal smoking age in your state, pregnant or nursing. This product is not any aid for smoking cessation.

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