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  • Height: 80mm
  • Weight: 148gr
  • Material Body: ANTICORODAL6082 (alluminium stainless used normally for Italian supercars special parts) 
  • Material buttons, battery door, etc: Stainless Steel 
  • 510: MAV FX handmade 22mm ?manual setting? by Ebrain (Made in Italy) 
  • Bottle: SUPER SOFT by Vapor Bagarre (Made in Italy) 
  • Battery: 18650


INDOMITA (squonk) is a incredible DEVICE even more difficult!! (weight only 148gr) The Body is a unique metal parts machined from solid! Extra, we have a Bottle door with 20 magnets and the Steel Battery door.. ..all these 2 parts are hinged to the main body (perhaps the most complex parts!!)

Thus, you can never lose them!!

The 510 is the handmade Italian MAV FX (Made in another Italian company.. and for us one of the BEST 510 squonk in the world)

The black coating is given by a special black anodizing high resistance (has a higher hardness coefficient to the steel) used in the first place in the anodization of some components of the F1 Ferrari engine

The INDOMITA is absolutely ergonomic!!
The thumb on the fire and the middle or index on the squonk.. without manipulation!

We use the 3D printer exclusively to realize the first prototype

This is just a "brief" overview .. but there would still be much to say about our INDOMITA (squonk)

The INDOMITA (squonk) will be available with DNA75C, SX480J-BT and with the BEST (Italian) Bomber Pro (Special MosFet for to have a mechanical but safe!)

The INDOMITA (squonk) price are:
(Classic Black model)
849€ DNA75C
849€ SX480J-BT
859€ Bomber Pro

The finishing Time need 30-40Days or more Early
Presale !!!!!!

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