Fuji GTA Tank by Digiflavor Single 6ml

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Fuji GTA Tank by Digiflavor Single

Details :

The Fuji GTA by Digiflavor is one of the first dynamic Genesis Tank Atomizer platform, integrating a chassis that rivals the best rebuildable systems to date featuring a tank capacity up to 6mL, auxiliary airflow control, and two deck options catering to single coil-centric build or the tried-and-true two-post, dual terminal version. The Fuji GTA is built with the explicit focus on creating a platform that excels in the use of high power configurations, creating a flagship RTA chassis with Geni-inspired structural design. It measures 25mm in diameter while having an ample tank capacity up to 6 milliliters, enabled with a threaded top-fill method for convenient filling of the tank. The Fuji GTA adopts two types of airflow system, starting with quad adjustable top airslots that redirects airflow into the structure. This can be used in conjuction or independently with the central airflow control at the base, implementing dual massive airholes, measuring 14mm by 2mm, that feeds into the internal chamber to increase airflow effectiveness. The Fuji GTA features two versions of building style, with a unique single-coil version two-post deck or a vertical dual-coil version two-post deck. The Single-Coil Version build deck is specifically designed to accommodate single coil configurations, with an enlarged 4.5mm internal airflow built directly below the unique two-post open-style chamber where coils are laid into the terminal rather than threaded through a hole, secured horizontally via side-tensioned (similar to Serpent Mini RTA). The Dual-Coil Version implements Velocity-inspired two-post, dual terminal design, allowing for efficient use of space while accommodating large coil structures and exotic configurations. The addition of two internal airholes at each side of the deck adds exhilarating cooling effect and increase maximal throttle of the system. The wicking system caters to the Genesis-inspired apparatus, with slots spanning on various sides of the build deck depending on the version, and down to the base of the tank for tremendous flavor recreation due to the unique vacuum effect. Introduced as a premiere performance platform with a creative structural design, the Fuji GTA by Digiflavor sits at the pinnacle of innovative in rebuildable tank platform.

Fuji GTA Tank by Digiflavor - Single Coil Version Features:

    25mm Diameter
    6mL Juice Reservoir
    Genesis Tank Atomizer
    Superior Stainless Steel Construction
    Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
    Genesis-Inspired Apparatus
    Unique Open-Style Two-Post Design
    Secured via Side Tension Application
    PEEK Insulator
    Single Coil Configurations
    4.5mm Internal Air Tube Inside Chamber
    Dual Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
    Quad Adjustable Airslots at Top Cap
    Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
    10mm Tall Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
    Adjustable Gold-Plated 510 Contact Pin
    Available in Stainless or Black

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