Cappy R BF Bottle of Sunbox and Cappy R Game Over

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Cappy R BF Bottle of Sunbox

The fresh new concept from Sunbox and Infinity, the Cappy R full silicone squonk bottle.

With food grade silicone bottles becoming a popular choice for squonkers all over the world, the new Cappy R easily removes a few operational issues found in many other styles of bottle.


  • Full premium silicone construction, including the closure cap – Global first from Sunbox and Infinity
  • Less bottle cap interference with mech squonker firing plate assembly for smoother switch throw due to supple silicone cap
  • Ultra-secure leak-free cap closure for zero spillage and efficient squonking action
  • Includes ‘Pawn’ closure plug to help easily store your bottle when not in use without leakage

Inhalt: 1,00 Stück

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