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Mikro BF Titanium RDA by Adler Industries

The Mikro BF Titanium RDA by Adler Industries is the sequel to the incredible Mikro RDA that was released in 2015, one of the most advanced and innovative atomizers for its time, featuring a flavour focused design, top air inlets for leak free operation, dual side air to hit the coil(s) from both sides, and incredibly good looks in an ultra compact package, which to this day, is still one of the most compact RDA's on the market!

The Mikro BF Titanium RDA now brings forward all of the best qualities of the original Mikro, including the top air flow inlets, redirected air to hit the coil from both sides, low profile build deck, a trap cap to reduce the evaporation chamber for very condensed flavour, and a similar ultra low profile design while upgrading it with following improvements:

  • Full titanium construction, from the top cap, to the base, to the deck, and even the screws.
  • Redesigned cap style.
  • Large head screws to trap the wire.
  • Multiple cap assemblies of different materials/colours included.

One of the biggest downfalls of the original Mikro design, was that a liquid reservoir was sacrificed in order to maintain the ultra compact size. The flat deck looked incredible, but it was not able to hold too much liquid without advanced wicking techniques, and the user was required to drip fairly frequently. While squonking was not very popular back then, there were certain users who wished that the Mikro could be bottom fed, as it would have made it the perfect candidate for bottom feeding. Adler Industries listened, and they've responded with this revised Mikro BF Titanium, a bottom fed full titanium version, with incredible flavour and incredible looks. This could possibly be one of the top atomizers to close out 2017!

The Mikro BF RDA comes with a number of top cap and drip tip assemblies, including:

  • Brushed Titanium Cap with 8mm wide bore clear acrylic drip tip
  • Clear acrylic cap with matching trap cap and microbore drip tip
  • Blue acrylic cap with matching trap cap and microbore drip tip
  • Amber PEI (generic form of Ultem) cap with matching trap cap and microbore drip tip

Optional caps can be purchased, which are:


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